R-SIM 13 Smart Activation unlock sim card

R-SIM 13 Smart Activation unlock sim card

Model No.︰R-SIM13

Brand Name︰R-SIM

Country of Origin︰China

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R-SIM 13 Smart Activation unlock sim card

R-SIM SUP updated smart unlcoking card R-SIM 13 rush on market now. Unlocking program is more stable, quality is more durable. Suite-type CPU256K chip crystal, more stable voltage; faster unlocking speed, no lag even in exchanging ICCID; super longer standby;One time for all in ICCID unlocking mode; makes your locked iphone an unlcoked one !

The newest iPhone unlocking smart R-Sim 13 card, no need 2 layer thick card (too thick card is harmful to iPhone card tray), no need traditional activating card, no need card upgrading dongle , no need using together with phone card ; easy to operate, brand new smart unlocking STK program; unlike market usual long-digitalis input program, you only need to plug the R-Sim card into mobile phone as normal SIM card, and process emergency dialing to input pop-out code “5005*7672*00”, input ICCID window will pop out, then complete it and press send button. 3 in 1 supreme version. Pls refer to GSM communication forum for more detailed video instructions www.rsim5.com

R-SIM12,R-SIM11 available ,too

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